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Here are some projects that some people think would be fun to work on. You can add your own, even if you don't intend to ever work on it. It doesn't need to be technical either.

Track my balloon! πŸŒžπŸ“»
Oskar is learning about radio technology, and could make something that would allow us to chase a balloon across the countryside.
My friend is home! β˜”
Pilchard wants to have a little robot thing that sits in the front window and whenever a known person approaches the house it will get excited and wave its arms and display a welcome message for them, and maybe announce to the people inside who is arriving.
List my possessions!
Let's make a list of every single thing we own. This will help us identify things that we don't need, and also to borrow things off each other more easily.
Long-range micro:bit πŸŒžπŸ“»
Let's see if we can use the low-level micro:bit radio interface to have it communicating with another micro:bit over a suprisingly long range. Then we can play Geofun games in the park.
Micro Mesh Tiny TV
We can use the micro:bit to make a mesh network over Bluetooth. We give them out to friends and neighbours because they are so cheap. When someone picks one up and changes one of the pixels on the 5x5 display, the change propagates through the network.
Tie-dye 21st Century 🌞
Darby completes the tie-dye tshirts we made three years ago.
Pimp my helmet! β˜”
Pilchard wants his bike helmet to light up in interesting ways.
Cut my shapes! β˜”
Oskar now has access to a laser cutter. What amazing shapes can we make to beautify our homes and gardens?
Adventure Game β˜”
Red would like some contributions to a collaborative interactive fiction.
A Zome Home 🌞
At our Lovelace Picnic 2018 (actually in honour of Alan Turing), all tongs will make Zome Homes.
Transmit my Tongs πŸ“»
Oskar has sufficiently licensing permissions to transmit fast-scan television. There is a television repeater a few km from Tongs HQ Cambridge.
Alphabetising the Projects page
🌞 This is a summer project.
β˜” This is a rainy-day project.
πŸ“» This is a radio project.