Klezmer in the Park

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Listening to klezmer near Regent's Park bandstand on an afternoon in early September, accompanied by a bottle or two of wine and some bagel is one of the quintessential Tongs experiences. Not every Tong makes it in every year, but we usually have some sort of meetup.

The event is organised by the Jewish Music Institute, who have not yet announced when the 2018 event will take place. Elsewhere on the web, there are clues...

  • Harif says that it'll be on Sunday 9th, and furthermore: For the first time ever, Harif will be injecting a Sephardi flavour into this popular music festival. We will be staging a Moroccan Jewish-Henna Ceremony and photo exhibition, complete with Sephardi delicacies. You will also be able to enjoy Sephardi-style musical bands such as Los Desterrados.
  • There is a pattern to JMI URLs, so we think the event will be announced at: https://www.jmi.org.uk/event/klezmerinthepark2018/