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01851 450 460
(that's +44 1851 450 460 outside the UK)

Please ring us up anonymously, and leave us a little message. The message might be a report from a new discovery or place, an idea which came to you while on the move, a song you've written, a strange sound from far away, or just to say hello. Pass on the number to interesting, creative and weird people and places. Add it to your phone in case you're struck with inspiration in the future.

Some of the messages that are left on the Tongs Answering Machine are included in a podcast. You can subscribe to it in your podcast manager and when a new message comes in, it'll be delivered to your phone, tablet, or computer. Tell your podcast manager app this special incantation:

If you don't talking on the phone, you can also send a text message to the number with your reports, ideas, poems, and messages, and a sexy, synthesised voice will read them out on the podcast. We can and do text back.

Tongs Answering Machine FAQ

Is this really anonymous?
As much as it can be. If you sent your Caller ID when you call, we'll be able to see that, but we won't publish that here. You are free to block your Caller ID when you call. To do this in the UK, prefix the number with 141.
What happened to the old number?
After several years of not getting any messages, Tongs Engineers determined that it didn't work.
Why is the number located in the Outer Hebrides?
The number is in the same dialling code as the village of Tong (Scottish Gaelic name: Tunga)(photo of community centre), about 6km north-east of Stornoway. It is the prettiest place called Tong we could find in the UK. Despite it being rather remote, it will only cost you as much as any other UK geographic (01 and 02) call. It's probably pretty cheap to call from most other countries, too. We think that the number is actually in Bracknell.
Do the messages go up straight away?
No. One Tong (currently Oskar) will weed out the uninteresting recordings, the recordings from telesales companies spamming us, the call-and-hang-up calls, so that you only get the good stuff, and not too much at the same time. That means you might wait a couple of days or longer to hear your message.
What if I do it wrong?
Just say you're starting again, take a pause, and start again. We'll edit out your mistake.